This is the end.

HQ, you win.

I really don't have much to say. To HQ, all I can say is what you're doing is a PR disaster. You've been making nothing but fuckups recently, and this is from someone who hasn't even followed the HQ community recently. You're really hanging by a thread at this point.

To everyone else, thank you all for the opportunity. Making this site has been a great learning experience for me and your reaction to it has been overwhelmingly positive. I know, it was barely functional and looked like it was made in 1998, but I really don't care.

But recently, HQ has been blocking my requests to their API. I'm done maintaining this site, as the way I went about making it was honestly in hindsight really poor. It's a pain in my ass to work on the site.

In conclusion, all I can say is thanks everyone.

Parmesan Linguine

P.S. HQ make your own stats site it'll literally take you like 4 manhours of work

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